Polyoxyethylene stearate CAS 9004-99-3
Polyoxyethylene stearate is a chemical compound that belongs to a class of compounds known as polyoxyethylene ethers or polyethylene glycol stearates. These compounds are commonly used in the formulation of various products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. Polyoxyethylene stearate is often used as an emulsifying agent, surfactant, and thickening agent in these products.


Here are some key properties and uses of Polyoxyethylene stearate:


Emulsifying Agent: Polyoxyethylene stearate is used to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions. It helps mix water-based and oil-based ingredients in products like lotions, creams, and ointments, ensuring that they remain well-blended and do not separate.


Surfactant: It acts as a surfactant, reducing the surface tension between different components in a formulation. This property helps in the even distribution of ingredients and can improve the overall texture of a product.


Thickening Agent: Polyoxyethylene stearate can also function as a thickening agent, contributing to the viscosity or thickness of a product. This is especially useful in creams and lotions to give them a desirable consistency.


Skin Care Products: It is commonly found in skincare products, such as moisturizers, sunscreens, and cleansers, where it helps create stable and effective formulations.


Pharmaceutical Applications: Polyoxyethylene stearate is used in some pharmaceutical formulations to improve the solubility of active ingredients and to create stable drug delivery systems.


Safety Considerations: Polyoxyethylene stearate is generally considered safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products, but it's important to follow recommended usage guidelines and consider any potential sensitivities or allergies.


It's worth noting that the properties and uses of Polyoxyethylene stearate may vary depending on its specific formulation and the products in which it is used. As with any chemical compound, it's important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and safety guidelines when working with or using products containing this ingredient.

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