Surfactant DDAC Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride CAS 7173-51-5

Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, often abbreviated as DDAC, is a type of quaternary ammonium compound (quat) that is commonly used as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and sanitizer. It is known for its effectiveness against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. DDAC is often found in various commercial and household disinfecting products.


Here are some key points about didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride:


Chemical Structure: DDAC belongs to the quaternary ammonium compound family and has the following chemical structure:




Disinfection and Antiseptic Properties: DDAC is effective at killing or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, making it suitable for use in healthcare settings, as well as in disinfecting surfaces, water treatment, and more.


Formulations: DDAC is often used in various formulations, such as disinfectant sprays, sanitizing wipes, and cleaning solutions.


Concentration: The concentration of DDAC in a product can vary depending on its intended use. It is important to follow the instructions on the product label for proper dilution and usage.


Safety: While DDAC is generally considered safe when used as directed, it should be handled with care. Prolonged or excessive exposure to DDAC can have adverse effects on human health. It's essential to follow safety guidelines and use personal protective equipment when handling concentrated forms of DDAC.


Effectiveness: DDAC is effective against a wide range of pathogens, but it may not be effective against all types of viruses and bacteria. It's essential to use the product as directed and check the product label for specific claims regarding its effectiveness against particular microorganisms.


Regulatory Approval: DDAC-based disinfectants are subject to regulatory approvals in many countries, and their use is governed by specific regulations and guidelines.


As with any disinfectant or chemical product, it's important to use DDAC-based products responsibly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and relevant safety guidelines to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

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