Product Description

Product Description


 Does not contain chlorine/Strong wettability/Strong cell wall penetration/ Excellent biodegradability.


 As a wetting reversal agent in oilfield production engineering/As a chlorine-free fungicide/ As a chlorine-free bath agent/As a chlorine-free antistatic agent/ As a cationic wetting and penetrating agent/ As a slime stripping agent in pipeline cleaning/As an anti-skinning agent for paint, emulsion, asphalt and other emulsions/As a substitute for chlorine-containing cationic surfactants, it can be used in other chlorine-free process environments.

Product Details


Packing and Shipping


Iron drum & plastic drum packaging

1~5kg Fluoride bottle; 25kg 200kg / bucket

IBC/ISO tank

Special transportation channels, using various dedicated line channels,we guarantee 100% safe transportation of the goods to your hands,so that you do not need to worry about customs clearance.---100% safe through customs.

At the same time,if there is a deduction,we can reissue or reissue it for you.Our product quality and service are consistent.


Our advantage

We are Cationic Surfactant  (Chlorine-Free) supplier seller in China.We have bulk  in stock now and can guarantee the stable goods supply.

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