Product Description

Product Description


Uses and advantages:

1. Polyepichlorohydrin-dimethylamine-polyamine is a new type of polymer flocculant for water treatment. The product has high molecular weight, good product stability, and strong ability to adsorb and bridge colloids.

2. It is used as a coagulant for styrene-butadiene rubber latex, and it is also a good demulsifier, which can promote a better colloidal hue.

3. It is widely used in oil collection in oil fields, used as anti-swelling agent, flocculant for sewage treatment, and compounded with a small amount of polyacrylamide, it has excellent effect.

4. The product has good flocculation and decolorization effect, is suitable for decolorization treatment of textile printing and dyeing wastewater, and can greatly reduce the COD content in production wastewater, which is more environmentally friendly than other products.

Product Details


Packing and Shipping


Iron drum & plastic drum packaging

1~5kg Fluoride bottle; 25kg 200kg / bucket

IBC/ISO tank

Special transportation channels, using various dedicated line channels,we guarantee 100% safe transportation of the goods to your hands,so that you do not need to worry about customs clearance.---100% safe through customs.

At the same time,if there is a deduction,we can reissue or reissue it for you.Our product quality and service are consistent.


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