Product Description

Product Description

High temperature clay stabilized product is a mixture of organic polymer and inorganic compound with branched chain and high cation degree. Due to the introduction of sulfonation gene, the temperature resistance is greatly improved, and the temperature resistance is below 300 ℃. This product can significantly enhance the bonding pressure between clay lattices, crystal layers, and particles at room and high temperatures, effectively preventing the hydration, expansion, and dispersion of clay, thereby enhancing the bonding strength of oil layers and preventing formation sand production.

Technical Specification:

Colorless or light yellow liquid
Water solubilityDissolve in a uniformly transparent liquid
PH value (4% aqueous solution)5.0-9.0
Solid content,%≥25.0
CompatibilityAdd water, acid, and fracturing fluid without sedimentation or stratification
Expansion height, mm≤2.5
High temperature anti expansion rate,%≥60.0

Scope of well selection:

(1) A well where the clay has hydrated and expanded, resulting in severe sand production; (2) New well mining with high clay content;

(3) Steam injection wells and high-temperature deep wells.


When this product is used separately for anti swelling treatment in the formation, the agent is mixed into a 10% concentration aqueous solution, and the aqueous solution of this product is squeezed into the formation using a pump truck. The well is shut in for 1 hour, and then other operations can be carried out; When this product is used in combination with acidizing or fracturing construction, a 5% aqueous solution of this product can be used as the pre or post liquid, or it can be directly added to the acid or fracturing fluid at a mass fraction of 2% for application.

Packaging and Storage:

This product liquid is packaged in plastic barrels and stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place. It is sun proof, fireproof, and water resistant.

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