Reverse Demulsifier crude oil demulsifier emulsion breaker For Clarify Oil
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Product Description


Product Description

What is Reverse Demulsifier ?

The inverse demulsifier can effectively improve the interfacial tension of the water-in-oil (W/O) or oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion, making the colloidal particles in the sewage lose stable repulsion and attraction, and eventually lose stability and Form flocs, further through chemical bridging, and finally complete the separation of oil and water in the sewage and the separation of harmful impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of recovering oil and purifying the sewage, so as to meet the water quality requirements of the subsequent treatment process or meet the requirements of the sewage. emission requirements

Basic information

Classification:DemulsifierProduct Name:Reverse Demulsifier
Place of Origin:Hebei, ChinaSynonymsDemulsifier
Brand Name:Hebei DulingMOQ: 1-5 kg or any quantity you want to buy.
Package:1kg per bag; 25kg per bag/drumFreight Term:FOB, CIF, CFR
Port of departure:Tianjin;Shanghai;Ningbo or QingdaoShelf life24 months

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Packaging Solution


Iron drum & plastic drum packaging

25kg /drum

170kg per unit

IBC/ISO tank

Shipping Solution

Special transportation channels, using various dedicated line channels,we guarantee 100% safe transportation of the goods to your hands,so that you do not need to worry about customs clearance.---100% safe through customs.

At the same time,if there is a deduction,we can reissue or reissue it for you.Our product quality and service are consistent.


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